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Right of self-defense: Void where prohibited

from The Hartford Courant

March 12, 1998


[Note: I submitted this to the Courant as a very short op-ed article. The editors cut it to about four paragraphs and ran it as a letter to the editor. Below is the original, uncut version.]

As a Connecticut citizen, you have a constitutional right of self-defense. Unless it's declared null and void by your local supermarket.

Or your bank.

Or your employer.

I'm talking about the response of Rep. Michael Lawlor to the murders at lottery headquarters. Lawlor has said he will propose a bill to allow businesses and employers to prohibit the discrete, concealed carry of a handgun by any law-abiding person, even if they have a handgun permit.

So who has a handgun permit? Someone who has been fingerprinted and photographed, who has undergone an extensive background check, and who has no felony or violent misdemeanor convictions. Someone who wants to be able to protect himself - or herself.

I know these people because they are my clients.

The accountant who takes the company deposit to the bank every day.

The businessman who is trying to hang on in a bad neighborhood in one of our large cities.

The female employee who must park her car in a dimly lit garage, three blocks from the office.

These are the people who will be affected if Lawlor's proposal becomes reality.

How would such law affect a suicidal employee with severe depression?

Maybe Rep. Lawlor can explain.

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