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Links to firearms sites

I recommend these links if you're interested in the Second Amendment, its meaning, and the organizations that support or condemn it. (If you're a lawful owner of firearms, then you need to keep up with the propaganda of the anti-gunners, too.) Plus I've added some other useful things for firearms owners.

These are listed in no particular order. I'll add to the list occasionally as I find more good stuff. If you find a link no longer works, please e-mail me, and I'll remove it from the list.

Gunsafe: Connecticut families for responsible gun ownership. I am privileged to be the chairman. Membership overlaps with many other organizations, including NRA, Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, and Connecticut Sportsmen's Alliance, but our focus is exclusively the preservation of the Second Amendment and the right of self defense.

National Center for Policy Analysis: A think tank known for dispelling myths about gun laws. Excellent reference.

IM-Safe: Connecticut firm that offers personal safety and defense training for women. Programs include Preventing and Reacting to Workplace Violence, Travel Safety, Street Smarts, Dating Safety, Campus Safety and Girls Strike Back, a woman’s self defense approach.

AWARE (Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment): The name speaks for itself.

Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen: My friend Bob Crook is the executive director.

Cato Institute: Libertarian think-tank (not the Libertarian Party). If you've never visited the web site, start with a superb speech by P.J. O'Rourke, the humorist.

Violence Policy Center: Perhaps the most radical (and blatantly radical) of the anti-gun organizations. VPC is the organization that told the New York Times that NRA's Eddie Eagle is "Joe Camel with feathers." Even the anti-gun Boston Herald blasted VPC for that one. The people at VPC seem to think that the (comparatively) moderate Handgun Control, Inc., has "sold out." With a smaller budget and staff than HCI, VPC concentrates on publishing spurious "studies" in support of banning guns. These "studies" are notorious for their lack of logic and scientific method.

Handgun Control, Inc.: Now they call themselves "The Brady Campaign," but the web address still says it all. This is the anti-gun group that developed the biggest public presence, mainly through Sarah Brady's paid speaking engagements around the country. HCI also became famous for its annual "report card" on the states, rating each state by how restrictive it is with regard to private ownership of firearms and concealed carry of handguns; the more restrictive, the higher the grade.

National Rifle Association: If you haven't checked the web site, just do it. There's probably more to NRA than you realize, and the web site will show you who to call or e-mail for answers to many questions.

Conn. Dept. of Public Safety Firearms Unit: This is our own State Police, posting information about gun laws in Connecticut. Firearms agencies in other states should take a cue.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly Gunfree): Not as much timely or creative content as the web sites of VPC or HCI. In fact, much of the information is often out of date. Still, it's a different anti-gun perspective, and Gunfree has its followers. This is the total-ban crowd ("Gunfree, as all homes should be").



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